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Name:M A R T I N E


a fine fine girl with nothing but good intentions & a bad tendency to get burned

The only daughter of a Starfleet officer and his absent girlfriend, Angela grew up living and breathing Starfleet. She's spent more years in space than she has dirtside, and the Enterprise is every one of her dreams come true.
There are several things people notice when they first meet Angela: she is loud, she oozes self-confidence, she usually looks a little mischievous, and she is often laughing. The precision in her work is in stark contrast to her personal life - a seeming mishmash of impulsive and sometimes questionable good-intentioned decisions. Angela has a bad habit of being in everyone's business but her own, a trait which seems to be aggravated by the close quarters of Starfleet life. She is flirtatious, makes friends easily, and can start a conversation with just about anyone.
Internally, Angela struggles with her need to be successful not on her own terms, but in the eyes of others. She craves the attention and approval of those around her, her own self-worth tied closely with how happy the important people in her life (her father, her superior officers, her friends) are. Above all, she fears rejections and failure.
With so much energy put into impressing others, Angela spends little time on her own emotions. Not surprisingly, her romantic life is pretty disastrous - Angela regularly bails at the first signs of emotional intimacy.
Though she'd never admit it (even to herself), Angela doesn't really know what she wants out of life. But she knows that it awaits her on the Enterprise.

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